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An Aliza Shane Production benefiting Hospice of New York

Based on Le Malade Imaginaire by MolièrePresented by Planet Connections Theatre Festivity Written & Directed by Aliza Shane She’s got the symptoms… but her doctors are the real disease. Featuring: Anthony Aguilar, Melanie Bell, Ayelet Blumberg, Chris Cornwell, Michelle Foytek, Kevin Mitchell, Stasi Schaeffer, Harlan Short, Emily Tuckman, Kymberly Tuttle & Ebru Yönak Chanda Calentine: ChoreographerDavid Monroy: Lighting DesignerKenzie West: Assistant DirectorFran Acuna: Stage Manager/ Assistant Director About the show: Arganne is a wealthy, aging hypochondriac preyed upon by a gold-digging husband, a rebellious daughter and a chorus of drug-peddling incompetent doctors. Together, her maligned assistant and exasperated sister must figure how to get rid of the doctors and save Arganne’s life before it’s too late.

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