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A groovy tale of peace, love and restoration
based on Mary Griffith Pix' classic


Written and Directed by Aliza Shane

THE SPANISH WIVES has been completely reinvented and transplanted to the hippie streets of San Francisco, where the characters find themselves exploring their options in this quickly changing world.

The Governor of Barcelona is now a college professor who is dipping his toes into the world of free love while still hoping to keep his marriage vows intact. But will the Professor's wife stay true to her husband? Meanwhile, their uptight houseguest is desperately trying to keep his own wife chained by her apron strings to the traditions of the past. But, feeling the pull of the times herself, she realizes she has made the wrong choice by abandoning her first love. Luckily for her, he's returned, and with the help a slightly unconventional personal Guru, has tracked her down to San Francisco to win her back.   


Featuring: Nnamudi Amobi, Sarah Brill, Julia Coe, Rachael Palmer Jones, Justin Klose, Matthew Minor, Mateo Moreno, Julie Nelson, Courtney Reed, Miranda Shields, Branan Whitehead 

AD/SMs: Fran Acuna & Liz Varner   


This show premiered at Looking Glass Theatre in NYC in Fall 2008.

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