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A Modern Fairytale, Based on the English Folktale, From the collection “English Folk and Fairy Tales”  By Joseph Jacobs


Written & Directed by Aliza Shane

With additional editing by Shira Danan


This script was developed with eight actors who helped originate and create their roles:

Ayelet Blumberg, Christine Burnett, Mark DeFrancis, Michelle Foytek, Catherine Gasta, Kyle Minshew, Matthew Rini and Miranda Shields


Original Creative Team:

Aliza Shane (Playwright/Director/Sound Designer), Shira Danan (Assistant Director/Stage Manager/Assistant Editor), Ryan Metzler (Lighting Designer), and Brent Barkhaus (Costume Designer).


THE THREE SILLIES (and Aliza Shane) won the New York Innovative Theatre (NYIT) Award for

"Outstanding Short Script".


This show premiered at The Looking Glass Theatre, NYC

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